Reducing Stop-Arm Violations At No Cost to Municipalities.

    We Reduce Stop-Arm Violations at no cost to taxpayers, schools, municipalities or bus companies.


    Develop Partnerships

    Partnering with BusPatrol means engaging with a company that understands the value of safeguarding your child’s journey. As citizens, parents and teachers we share a common mission to educate and protect our children.


    Deploy Technology

    BusPatrol helps protect every child with a full suite of Safety Tech. Our technology allows for video recording, closed live-streaming, sensor data collection and emergency alerts. We address major security and safety needs in the transit industry by adopting the latest innovations.


    Support Enforcement

    Through data collection and video monitoring we collaborate with law enforcement to reduce Stop-Arm violations. Our solution helps police enforce critical laws and create a culture of awareness and responsibility both inside and outside of the school bus.


    Educate & Entertain

    We develop engaging and entertaining learning tools to help teach our children how to stay safe. Our kids need to be conscious of the dangers and risks they face on the road. Learning young will influence safe behavior from the first day of school until graduation.


    A critical problem we can overcome together.

    In 2013, 29 states reported that more than 85,000 Stop-Arm violations were committed across 100,000 school buses.

    Currently, millions of children face unnecessary risks on their way to and from school. Although the technology exists to make the journey safer, municipalities, school bus operators and consortiums, face enormous challenges. These include the cost-effective procurement, maintenance and deployment of the necessary Safety Tech.


    Life’s Journey. Safer.

    Our goal is to create a culture of responsibility and awareness on the road. We aim to make the journey to and from school safer.

    BusPatrol is a Safety Tech company. We develop partnerships, educate communities and deploy Smart Bus technology to reduce Stop-Arm violations.

    Our technology turns a school bus into a Smart Bus, equipped with video, GPS, telemetry, data processing and archiving. More technology means more connectivity, accountability and security. BusPatrol’s Safety Tech enhances and protects the lives of our children.

    A Community Driven Solution


    Reckless drivers endanger the lives of children in our communities. More than 10 million Stop-Arm violations occur every school year.
    99% of offenders who are caught by Smart Buses do not repeat another similar offence. Drivers, learn through enforcement and influence other drivers. This creates a culture of caution, especially around School Buses.


    In order for us to become community partners, your local municipality must pass a bylaw and your local student transportation consortium must work with school boards to implement our Smart Bus solution. BusPatrol will support legislators in communicating the value and distinction of the latest Safety Tech to all parties, such as public office holders, law enforcement, school boards, and the public, as necessary.


    Drivers, parents & children are often unaware of the staggering data and life altering stories that result from Stop-Arm violations. Knowledge is power. Enforcement plays a major role for educating adults who break the law.


    We make data driven decisions to change road culture. With the help of our Parent Leaders, Teachers, Community Leaders & Police, we use human power and the latest technology to enhance and safeguard the lives our kids.


    We’ll turn school buses into Smart Buses. Your new Smart Bus is both a helper and a deterrent inside and out. (See below)



    Smart Phones. Smart TVs. Now Smart Buses!

    The most deployed Smart Buses in North America with over 6000 on the road.


    Stop-Arm Cams +

    Smart Buses are equipped with Stop-Arm cameras that monitor up to 8 lanes of traffic. Additional exterior cameras also capture and record the windshield view, passenger loading zone and rear view. Optional interior cameras allow for passenger, driver, and door-well coverage. Security Staff monitor violations and collaborate with police to process evidence and enforce the law.


    Data Hub

    With a 4G LTE real-time system, and 2 terabyte DVR drive, the memory is fully customizable and scalable. The bus patrol brain holds 22 days of data and video recording.


    BusPatrol OS

    At BusPatrol we use our own traffic citation management software, BusPatrol OS. With our simple and powerful citation management platform, Security Staff are able to view the Stop-Arm camera violations from any connected bus. The recorded infractions are sent to law enforcement.


    Location Services

    Our Automatic Vehicle Locator’s GPS and accelerometer system report live telemetry. All data is logged and archived for reports and analytics.

    Our real-time alert system uses sensory data to generate instant text or email messages in case of potential distress. These include off-route reporting, high-speed warning and erratic driving alerts.


    Problem Solving with Data

    Our analytics and digital tools are designed to facilitate data driven decision making.

    Our team of dedicated data analysts examine the unique traffic and road conditions of each municipality we partner with. The needs of our community partners guide us as the data informs our risk reduction plan. BusPatrol can suggest route changes, based on Stop-Arm violation data, to reduce the risk of potential incidents.

    Life's Journey. Safer

    We are not a bus company or a camera company.
    We are a Safety Tech company.
    We make the journey safer every day.

    Education Empowers.

    For this reason, we are investing in the development of safety and transport learning tools that connect with parents and kids alike.

    Coming Soon… Stay Tuned


    BusPatrol: Created by Parents For Parents.

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