Dallas County Schools & BusPatrol Agreement

Dallas County Schools & BusPatrol Agreement

Dallas County Schools (DCS) and BusPatrol reached an agreement to save the school bus stop-arm camera safety program. As a result, BusPatrol’s stop-arm camera technology can be used. Stop-arm camera discourages drivers from illegally passing school buses and protects the lives of kids. The importance of protecting the school children of Texas is paramount at BusPatrol. We value transparency and fairness. Our technology and turn-key solution offers that to parents, law enforcement and our partners.

History of the Dallas County Schools Agreement

Excerpt from DCS Press Release


On November 7, 2017, Dallas County residents voted against the continued operation of Dallas County Schools (DCS), pursuant to Senate Bills 1566 and 2065 of the 85th Legislative session. As a result, effective November 15, 2017, DCS was abolished and the Dissolution Committee for the former Board of Dallas County School Trustees (the “Committee”) was formed to provide safe and reliable transportation for component school districts, identify sources of recovery and assets, and distribute those assets. A key element of the Committee’s continuing efforts is to pursue claims against certain third parties that had a role in causing substantial losses to DCS and its taxpayers which led to DCS’s insolvency and dissolution.


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BusPatrol’s Role

As a company, we work with communities across America to reduce illegal passing. Consequently, our data shows that 98% of drivers do not get a second ticket after receiving a first. CEO of BusPatrol, Jean Souliere underlines that “Our World-Class technology is proven to keep children safe both inside and outside the school bus on their journey to and from school.” We are committed to working with Dallas County Schools and changing driving culture for the better in Texas.

Because stop-arm violations and illegal passing remain a national issue, our mission extends beyond Dallas County Schools. Take a minute to watch the video below. It covers some of our biggest successes in changing driving culture. The problem of stop-arm violations is enormous. Our technology, offered at no cost to our partners, is the best and most effective stop-arm camera solution on the market.