Stop-arm school bus camera? How it works…

Stop-arm school bus camera? How it works…

The key to a good stop-arm camera is a good system and a dedicated team to review and audit footage. The best stop-arm school bus cameras work through a thorough capture and revision process. All footage is captured, recorded, archived and reviewed. In addition, the BusPatrol OS software monitors the stop-arm school bus camera DVR system and the entire health of the bus. Similarly, our headquarters perform continuous safety and system checks. Above all, our system provides high quality, stop-arm camera footage for Police to review. BusPatrol keeps a high approval rate with Police due to our clean and focused process. We audit each video with a three-step review process led by a diligent and trained team of safety specialists.

The true value of having good stop-arm school bus camera footage is a fail-proof system to compile an evidence package that police and drivers can review. Drivers can review their offense using BusPatrol’s web-based Driver Education Portal.

Step-by-Step: Why BusPatrol has the best school bus stop-arm bus camera…


1. A VEHICLE IllegalY passEs a school bus

The drivers passes the school bus illegally. Our weather and dust proof cameras capture the illegal pass.

2. BusPatrol’s MULTI-angle camera BOX captures the violation

Firstly, our system automatically edits stop-arm school bus camera footage. The BusPatrol OS sends the footage to our servers.

Weather-proof side mounted Stop-Arm Camera

3. The Stop-Arm Camera footage records to DVR

Secondly, our system automatically stores stop-arm school bus camera footage in an onboard DVR device. The device is shock resistant and built for adverse weather conditions.

4. The Stop-Arm School Bus Camera footage is sent to BusPatrol Servers & Backed Up

Similarly, the footage is stored in a redundant secure server facility and can be audited by police at any time.

Where the best stop-arm camera footage BusPatrol server room & bata center

5. A BusPatrol safety specialist reviews the School Bus stop-arm camera footage

The safety specialist creates the evidence package by reviewing the stop-arm school bus camera footage, driver information and then highlights the best stop arm camera footage available based on the weather conditions and time of day.

best stop-arm camera footagebest stop-arm camera footage

6. A BusPatrol safety specialist submits the best stop-arm camera footage as video evidence to the Police

This is the most important step, BusPatrol aims to deliver the clearest and most concise stop-arm school bus camera footage that will result in a driver correcting their behavior. We help build the evidence package police need to issue a ticket.

best stop-arm camera footagebest stop-arm camera footage

7. Finally, the Police review the footage & EVIDENCE PACKAGE FROM all angles

Consequently, the police confirm the final approval or disapprove the stop-arm school bus camera footage.

best stop-arm camera footage

8. Drivers ARE EDUCATED, PAY THIER FINE and do not repeat their offense

Our data demonstrates that 99.8% of drivers do not recommit an offense. As a result, roads become safer and the driving culture is changed for the better.